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July 20, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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Truck Suspension Repair in PA

At Central Spring Service, we are aware that good service is a watchword for our customer therefore, service is the topmost thing we sell at Central Spring Service. Not just any kind of service but professional service. For decades, we have been in full-time business servicing and maintaining trucks and automobile. We are famous for providing the best customer service that beats other competitors.

We derive so much joy in providing outstanding service, and this we do like to emphasize on because we believe it is one thing to be a professional who provides professional services and entirely a different thing to keep your customers happy and willing to come back for more jobs. Now we have customers from different generations of a family, and some of our loyal customers take it upon themselves to refer their friends. For this, we are most thankful. Your trust is crucial for our business.

Sometimes we receive impossible trucks, and they may take us more time to fix, however, the one that most Truck suspension repair servicemen regard as difficult, we treat with ease; like “a walk in the park”. Taking advantage of almost a century of knowledge and experience, modern technology and facility, we are able to undertake the most impossible Truck Suspension Repair ever, we are never scared of any task because this is what we do, and we do it with much pride and passion. We are the most dedicated expert in mechanics as far this area is concerned.

Heavy Trucks
If you need a truck suspension repair for your heavy trucks, then we are the best option. We have the manpower and modern technology to readily handle any job with relative ease. For almost 80 years in business, we have been and will always be the most qualified professionals to handle the maintenance and repair of your suspension trucks.

Get Your Truck Suspension Repair Services Done In Our Repair Shop
Some of the services we perform in our shop at Central Spring Service include Re-bushing of Walking Beams. Re-bushing of Kingpins, adding extra leaves to leaf springs, Sleeving of Axles, repairing and replacement of springs, pressing of bearings, Custom-made U-bolts. And a host of other things. Contact us today, and talk to a live person to learn more about our repair services. Right here in the shop, we have stock of suspension spare parts to effectively and quickly replace any part that needs to be replaced.

Alignment of Heavy Trucks
Right here at central Spring service, we pay close attention to every small detail, and this is a part of the reason why we are so different from other competitors. We make use of high-tech truck alignment equipment to give you the most correct alignment at a fast pace.

The alignment we do here is undertaken by professionals who know enough about truck alignment and are able to give you the best alignment.

Expert Truck Suspension Repair at A Great Price
Here at Central Spring Service, we are proud of our professional mechanics. And we share a kind of family-like relationship with all of the manufacturing partners, this has helped us to offer our spare parts at a price that beats the competition. As far as these manufacturers are concerned, we are wholesalers, this removes the problem of middlemen, thereby helping our customers to save a lot of money.

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