Getting the axle inspected from time to time is the way to avoid costly repairs in the future. A truck’s axle is very expensive and the axle repair costs keep increasing with the axle replacement costing a ton. Central Spring Service has the tools and skills required to take care of the axles and maintain them up to a given standard for proper operation of the truck.

Axles are connected to the front and back wheels of the truck and are constantly rotating which is why they are more susceptible to wear and tear. At Central Spring Service, you can have them inspected for damage and get the axle sleeving replaced or changed with an original part. All spare parts are kept in stock at our store to ensure there is no delay when it comes to helping customers.

Truck owners who do not have the wheel bearing changed on time are often coming in for axle repair. It often consists of axle replacement for both the front and rear part of the truck. The specialists at Central Spring Service can perform the necessary services to keep the components running and transmission smooth. The moving parts inside the truck are protected from further damage if the axle is in top condition.

If you have experienced a shaking or shuddering in your heavy-duty truck while driving then let our mechanics take a look at it. It pays, in the end, to seek help at the right time because the professionals are able to locate faults before they even develop. We have the resources necessary for axle replacement, axle repairing and axle sleeving at our garage in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. Whether it is a cement truck, garbage truck, fire truck or any time of the heavy vehicle, we are capable of handling it.