A walking beam is an integral part of your heavy duty truck. And once in a while, the walking beam may wear out which will call for a walking beam replacement. With heavy duty trucks, the problem does not arise when they are full with a load which needs to be transported; the problem comes when you have to drive the truck back empty. The ride is indeed very bumpy if your walking beam is worn out and needs to be replaced. This is where Central Spring Service comes in and takes care of your big rig for you! At Central Spring Service, we pride ourselves on keeping your big rig in good shape for you! Having a functional walking beam is important for any big truck which is designed for carrying heavy loads.

A walking beam ensures that when such a truck is empty, it does not jump too much on the road due to lack of weight holding it down. Hence, your truck’s walking beam should be in grade A condition at all times. Getting a walking beam repair once in a while can end with you saving more money since you will not have to get it replaced as soon as you would have had you not maintained it.

Central Spring Service believes in putting their customers first and giving all our clients the best service possible. When a client hires us, we mobilize our crew immediately to provide a quick service to our clients. Whether it is a walking beam re-bushing or a total walking beam replacement; our service is impeccable.

We are a family business and we are dedicated to our work; aiming to make ourselves known as the most popular automotive repair shop in the Pennsylvania area.
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