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The most common questions asked by customers are regarding the U-bolts. These bolts are usually removed for maintenance purposes and if they are damaged then it is recommended that they are replaced. The custom made U-bolts are available at our store to fit the measurements on your truck. U-bolt kits are also kept in stock at Central Spring Service to serve customers with all types of heavy-duty vehicles.

Old bolts are likely to accumulate rust or bend out of shape which leads the leaf springs to get loose and create a rattling sound in the exhaust pipe. To solve this problem we perform U-bolt bending on the spot. The original U-bolt should not be reused as it is stretched out and causes fatigue. These bolts are an important part of the leaf spring and keeping them intact is necessary.

If you need a custom made U-bolt then you have landed on the right page because we have the tools and skills necessary for U-bolt bending according to the customer’s requirements. You can even buy spare U-bolt kits for emergency purposes from our wide variety available.

All that we require is the drop length, diameter, and the internal arch design. With the U-bolt bending services, you will receive a custom made U-bolt just for you. Central Spring Service is known for their top services and has earned a valued position in the Tamaqua, PA community over the last 70 years. You can count on us to provide U-bolt kits that keep the entire leaf spring structure together. The parts are manufactured to the highest standards and procured from the best brands in the industry.

To get the U-bolts on your garbage truck, fire truck and cement truck checked bring the vehicle over to our location for an inspection.
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