Central Spring Service provides air spring services for all low-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty trucks. We have spare air spring parts available at the shop for all utility trucks and Lorries and can install them to your vehicle as well.

The Central Spring Service repairmen are skilled at air spring replacement and air spring servicing. They are adept at working with the springs in air bag cushions, leaf springs and other types of suspension truck springs. Being a specialist for spring services, our business has the means necessary to provide on-site solutions while the customer is waiting.

At Central Spring Service the truck is checked for any damage or faults by the mechanics. Each part is assessed carefully using the proper tools and only after that is an air spring replacement or air spring servicing performed. For replacement, new air spring parts are installed on the truck with no delays as everything is in stock. Examples of vehicles we cater to include garbage trucks, fire trucks, and cement trucks. The large inventory in the store contains exact requirements for air spring replacement. All air spring parts are original equipment procured from our supplier Dayton Parts. For the existing components, air spring servicing is performed to keep the air bags functioning smoothly.

Central Spring Service is often asked whether an air spring will need to be replaced or repaired and we often tell customers that this can only be determined after the vehicle in question is surveyed and inspected thoroughly. We can repair any air springs and make them brand new by servicing them. We also replace all those which have been subjected to wear and tear over the years.

Bring over your truck to our location in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania to have it assessed and receive a quotation for the required services.
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