Image At Central Spring Service we provide our customers with top-quality parts for all their truck suspension needs. Our suspension shop is stocked with material from the best brands in the business and we are authorized distributors of Dayton Parts which is a supplier and manufacturer of truck parts.

We offer the complete product range for brakes, spring, truck suspension, steering, driveline, coupling, and hitch product lines. These parts are unmatched in their material, quality and operation. You can find everything you need under one roof.

You can find all types of air and hydraulic brake and wheel products at our suspension shop. We deal in air chambers, fittings, hoses, valves and components. Our product range includes camshafts, drums, hubs, brake shoes and parts for wheel attaching and service shop. For your drums, rotors, new and remain calipers or brake master cylinders you can contact us.

We deal in low to heavy duty clutches and flywheels along with their components and accessories. We have all types of springs available such as helper, coil, problem solving and air springs for utility trucks and trailers. Taper leap springs and multi-leaf springs with accessories and spare leaves are available for all your truck suspension needs.

In steering products, we have steering gear seals and low duty to heavy duty components for steering wheels. Our suspension products include original Goodyear and Hendrickson springs, different types of bushings, castings, stampings and suspension systems. There are torque rods, pins shackles, and bolts as well as shock absorbers available for truck suspension.

Products for trailers such as wheel bearings, landing legs and tracks are in stock. We can also provide chrome exhaust mufflers, pipes, clamps and elbow components. We hold authentic Goodyear products such as belts, air springs, and belt tensioners as well.

Our supplier Dayton Parts is an expert in the truck suspension equipment industry and deals in manufacturing and sales of the products. They have multiple facilities including a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Advanced technology such as Z-beams and trailing arms are used to engineer an unlimited number of designs for leaf springs and produce high-quality spare parts for their suspension shops.

Their offices are located all over North America including Durant, Oklahoma, Lewisville, Texas, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Mississauga, Canada and Alberta, Canada. We are associated with them to deliver specialized and high-tech products to our customers for their truck suspension requirements.