When to Get Your Suspension Checked
When to Get Your Truck’s Suspension Checked
December 26, 2018
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January 14, 2019
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How to do Leaf Spring Replacement?

How to Leaf Spring Replacement

The leaf spring is one vital component of the truck suspension system. The primary function of the leaf spring is to prevent slouching when the truck is mounted with a heavy load. The leaf spring provides adequate balance to the truck. Therefore, it must be checked regularly to ensure that it is in good shape. A leaf spring replacement is not a very complicated process. With the right knowledge from top professionals like the central spring service, you will find the whole process very easy. Being able to change or replace your leaf spring is essential as a truck owner as it will save you some extra cost. Therefore, central spring service has taken the burden upon themselves to enlighten you about the basics of leaf spring replacement.

The process, involved in the leaf spring replacement is adequate preparation, raising the trucks and accessing the leaf spring, complete removal of the base plate and installation of the new leaf spring. When the above-stated points are appropriately followed, the replacement of the spring becomes a straightforward task.

The next phase of this article will discuss the steps involved in leaf spring replacement. We hope you will learn from this because we have a list of persons that have gotten some education from this article. So, let’s discuss.

1. Adequate Preparation

Before engaging in leaf spring replacement, ensure that you are prepared to get the job done in its cleanest manner. Make sure that the suspension system is ready within a minimum period of 3 days before the replacement operation. Making the suspension system ready involves the application of oil around the nuts, bolts, and brackets.

You must also make sure that corroded leaves are gently taken off without scratching the components that will be used along with the new leave spring.

2. Raising the trucks and accessing the leaf spring

During this step, you should ensure that the truck is packed correctly, place a wedge at the front wheel to prevent the truck from rolling. With the aid of a jack stand and hydraulic jacks, elevate the truck to a minimum of 3 inches. To get access to the spring, lose the lug nuts and remove the rear wheel.

3. Removal of the base plate

At this stage, you remove the shock absorber by taking out the fasteners from the lower mounting stud. The whole essence of this process is the removal of the leaf springs. Once the fastener is removed from the U-bolt, you can easily access the base plate. You can now raise the axle using a pry bar and remove the leaf spring.

4. installation of the new leaf spring

After the 3rd step is achieved, it is now time to install the new leaf spring. Make sure that the new kit shackle is ready. Put the hinge pin using the shackle sleeve. Observe the leaf spring if it is placed. If the leaf spring is in perfect shape, then gently secure it to the shackle using the locking nuts. We advise that you use a new set of nuts since the old ones might be worn out.

After this process is done, you must ensure that you carry out the complete installation process. Make sure that the spring lift is adequately positioned between the forward mounts. Put the center point in place by ensuring the back of the spring is properly connected and assemble properly. Tighten the nuts and bolts in 7 days. You can now apply your shock absorbers.

After applying these steps on one corner of the truck, carry out the same process on the other parts. After the leaf spring replacement, make sure you put the rear wheels in place alongside with the lug nuts. You can now remove the truck jack from the truck and lower the truck to the desired level.

Leaf spring replacement comes with a lot of benefits as it increases the durability and effectiveness of the truck. It will give a better experience when driving the truck. Never allow your leaf spring to crack before you replace them as this might result in increased cost. As a truck owner and driver, it is essential that you know how to perform leaf spring replacement. If you are not familiar with the whole process, then you need to go through this article again as the content reveals a simple step by step process involved in leaf spring replacement. Contact us today for more inquiries on issues relating to your trucks, and we will give you permanent solutions to your problems.

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