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Custom U-Bolts in Northeast PA

Do you have a truck and you need a custom-made U-bolt? Get a superb U-bolt bending job done for you at Central Spring Service. Come to our shop and you will find a befitting U-bolt for that truck of yours. Regardless of whatever type of bolt you want, we have everything you need right there in our shop. Our professional servicemen at Central Spring Service are able to give you the best custom U-bolt. All you have to do is to give us specifications, such as the length of the bolt, the diameter and the arch design of the U-bolt you want, and we will get it ready for you in no time at all. We are able to bend any bolt to any size of your choosing, or any dimension that you may require. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% because we work based on the specifications you provide.

The major rather common questions that our customers usually ask are in regards to the U-bolts. When the U-bolts are due for maintenance, we remove and service them, but when they get damaged, we strongly recommend that you get a replacement for them as quickly as you can. And if ever such a case arises, our professionals will be right on hand to help you out through the process.

NO matter the kind of truck you have, be it a heavy-duty truck or otherwise, we have a stock of U-bolts kits to help you get your U-bolts job done within the shortest possible time. We are Central Spring Service and they don’t regard us as the best in Northeast Pennsylvania for nothing. You have the opportunity to find out about our awesome service when you come.

A lot of things can actually go wrong when you are still using old bolts. An old U-bolt will usually go shapeless and sometimes it will accumulate rust. When this happens, your leaf springs will get loosed and this will produce some uncomfortable sounds from within the exhaust. To curb this situation and avert impending problems, we carry out a U-bolt bending job immediately. We strongly kick against reusing an already worn out U-bolt. The moment a U-bolt is replaced or changed, the old one should be discarded immediately. U-bolts are a part of leaf springs and they work together, therefore, to ensure the efficiency of your truck, you must as a matter of necessity endeavor to keep your U-bolts in superb shape and condition.

If you ever feel the need for custom-made U-bolts, then your certainly in the right place. Central Spring Service has every skill and equipment it takes to make a U-bolt with respect to your taste. You may also want to buy a U-bolt kit from us. This will certainly be of immense help to you especially during emergency periods.

The only information we require from you is to tell us your taste of a U-bolt and our top professionals will provide you the service that will leave you feeling fulfilled. Central spring service is famous for providing valuable services in the community of Tamaqua, and for the past 70 years, we have been able to maintain that image, and we promise to keep delivering quality.
Patronize us today and let us give you a taste of what it means to work with professionals. The spare parts we have right here in our shop are obtained from would renown manufacturers, therefore, uniqueness is our watchword.

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