Keeping Track of your Air Springs
Keeping Track of Your Air Springs
March 14, 2018
Need Help While Replacing Truck Leaf Springs
Need Help While Replacing Truck Leaf Springs?
April 15, 2018
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Truck Suspension Parts From Dayton

Truck Suspension Parts from Dayton

Different Types of Truck Suspension Parts from Dayton

One of the best ways to enjoy a comfortable ride even in severe road conditions is to choose the right type of suspension for your vehicle. But you need to identify what type of suspension works best for you and gives you a confident and smooth ride. Dayton offers a wide plethora of truck suspension parts at affordable prices. Let us take a look at some of the most important truck suspension parts and its significance.

Dayton Truck Suspension Parts

Leaf Springs
Although there are different types of springs in a suspension system, leaf springs are used in heavy-duty trucks as it has the ability to handle more weight. Designed like a stack of thin steel leaves, these springs provide the required suspension to vehicles while driving over rough terrains and bumpy roads.

Another important suspension part in a truck is the axle which bears the weight of the vehicle and the cargo. It is the connection to the front and back wheels of the truck. It is quite susceptible to wear and tear as it is constantly moving. Axles must be checked and maintained regularly for a hassle-free drive.

Air Suspension
The use of air suspensions has become extremely popular in the recent days due to its various advantageous features. There are different types of air spring parts to suit different types of trucks.

King Pins
Dayton also supplies kingpins for heavy duty trucks. It is one of the most important suspension parts in a truck that enables smooth ride.

Apart from these, there are several other Dayton truck suspension parts such as walking beams, U-bolts, Mack Trunnion bars and stands. With a wide array of suspension parts and services from Dayton, you can drive your heavy-duty vehicles comfortably.

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