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June 10, 2019
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Leaf Spring Shop in Northeast PA

Are you in Tamaqua, Northeast PA, and you are looking for a Leaf spring Shop? If you are here, then trust me when I tell you that you are in the right place and with the most qualified servicemen in Northeast PA. At Central Spring Service, we undertake all Leaf Spring repair and replacement operations.

Whenever you notice your trucks sagging down under the weight of the load, then it is a clear indication that you have to go for the services of professionals who will help you to inspect your leaf springs and tell you what needs to be done.

Since 1941, Central Spring Service has been around taking care of suspension trucks and the spring repair of heavy-duty trucks. We have been in the business of providing replacement parts for leaf springs, undertaking leaf spring repairs, delivering incredible services and putting smiles on the faces of our loyal customers for more than 77 years.

If you have a leaf spring that has gone bad, we can help you fix it, or if it requires total replacement, we are able to undertake your job without stress on your part. Our mechanics are well trained in this field, and they are well able to inspect your leaf springs, reveal what the real problem is and proffer solution to the problem. They are able to repair and possibly replace your leaf springs within the allotted time.

We Provide the Following Services in Our Leaf Spring Shop

• Add a leaf spring to an existing part
• Remove and replace broken springs
• Run maintenance and repair services on an existing spring
• Re-bush an existing Spring
• Re-arch an existing spring

Central Spring Service within the area of Tamaqua and beyond as a family business that provides nothing short of the most valuable service. We have handled the repair of so many fire trucks and dump trucks within the locality. In our bid to always provide high-class service to all our customers both local and beyond, we have never failed to follow the standards set by the industry. Due to our experience that we have been able to acquire for almost one century now, we have emerged leaders in this industry.

Millions of our happy customer can attest to this fact.
We are known to always deliver high quality and that is one aspect of Central Spring Service that will never change. We work with a time schedule and we ensure that we never exceed the time schedule, therefore, we are time-efficient in our operations. We always ensure that our customers are safe, and we put their satisfaction in high regard, and we have never faltered in this aspect.

In our spring shop in northeast PA, we perform leaf spring services on all models of trucks or pickup van, and sometimes we may handle passenger cars. we understand that this job is of utmost importance in ensuring safety on our roads. We love what we do, and we do it with passion and pride.

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